Dates and Information

I hope you are well.

It has been a lovely post show return to the studio with the enthusiasm from the students clearly visible throughout their lessons.
The family spirit around the studios and changing rooms is inspiring and evident to us that the show has really made an impact and brought everyone closer together.

We have hit the ground running after the show by making a start work on the leaver’s showcase which will be held on Saturday July 16th – late afternoon/early evening.
This is our annual summer showcase to share work and say farewell and good luck to our graduating students.
All students Grade 3 and up are expected to take part in this and will rehearsing for this will take preference in all non-syllabus classes.
In syllabus classes we will work towards exam preparation in readiness for our next set of Ballet, Modern and Tap exams.
We are also in the process of deciding on a date for our Prize-giving event as this has not been possible to host since before Covid-19.
This will be a shorter event held one evening after half term on a normal Tozer evening.
We will let everyone know as soon as possible so trophies can be returned ready for the event.
Please have your 2020 presented trophies engraved if you haven’t already done so.
The year to engrave will be 2020 and the name of the recipient.

Show Photos
Tomorrow14th May
We have many wonderful show rehearsal photos of all the children we would like to make accessible to parents for purchasing for a small fee.
In the waiting room opposite studio 1 tomorrow there will be a laptop with the photos to view as a slide show.
From these photos simply fill in the order form with the photo number, quantity, name and contact number.
We will add these to a USB stick for you and then you can view or print the photos at your leisure.

Shout Out
My shout out this week goes to Olivia Hibberts who after battling through the show weekend feeling very poorly then spent a week in hospital with Appendicitis.
Having had surgery to remove her inflamed appendix Olivia is making a great recovery.
What a brave Tozer Girl she is!
Please see Olivia happy and well with her Tozer friends in the photo below.
I would also like to shout out to all our students who have extended their training and joy of being at Tozer with taking up more disciplines after the show.
All the staff have been so impressed with how they have fitted in so well and how committed they are.
Well done!

Tea-Pot Display board
You will have noticed out ‘About Alice’ teapot near the egg table last Saturday displaying all the fantastic cards and messages from the show.
Please feel free to fill the board with any photos you have of the show and would like to share.
We will keep it on display until half term.

It was great to see Gaz back in the studio last Saturday after being away due to other successful projects last term.
He will share the teaching role this term with Ellie.
We are incredibly lucky to have both Ellie and Gaz in the school and appreciate their commitment along with all our brilliant Tozer staff!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Haynes