Weekly news update and Information – 20 May

I hope you are all well.

Another great week at the studio and thank you to everyone who is working so hard in their lessons with great energy and enthusiasm!
Leaver’s Showcase rehearsals in class are well under way and on the back of the show the students are looking forward to being able to perform again (albeit on a smaller scale this time).

Show Photos
Tomorrow is the last day for viewing and ordering the show photos.
To view on the laptop please go to the Portacabin/waiting room opposite studio 1.

Show DVD
You can still order the show DVD by filling in the form and passing to a member of staff.
When all orders are in we can start to distribute the DVD’s after half term.

Half- term Dates
We break for half term after classes on Friday 27th May
There are no classes next Saturday 28th May until we resume on Monday 6th June.

Polite notice for missed classes
Please keep absences to an absolute minimum during term time.
Tozer staff spend many hours preparing for their classes and our standards are met through consistency, practise, discipline and commitment.
These are lifelong skills we aim to pass onto our students.
Of course some absences are non-avoidable, if so please send a courtesy email to the school letting us know in advance.
Your support is very much appreciated with this.

Shout out
This week my shout out goes to the students in the Senior Jazz and Limbering class who continue to work so hard to achieve their own personal goals.
Mrs Lynn popped into class and commented on the fantastic energetic atmosphere she witnessed.
Well done!

Lost Property
We have an Apple watch and Black Fitbit which have been left at the studio along with several items of clothing unnamed including a pair of 9-11yrs new black logo joggers recently purchased.
Please let us know if you have lost anything and please name all uniform.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Haynes