Dates, Info and Tozer Uniform

After a very successful return to the studios in April we will take a short break for half term after classes this evening.

Thank you to all our families for attending classes and continuing to make it safe for everyone to enjoy lessons at Tozer Studios.

Please continue your lateral flowing testing over half term and continue to remain vigilant against the virus.

Reminder of important dates this next half term

• Ballet exams – Thursday 17th June
• Modern and Tap exams – Set 1- Friday 2nd July
• Leaver’s showcase 17th & 18th July – details to follow after government guidelines later on next month
• Modern and Tap exams – Set 2 – Thursday 22nd July
• End of summer term 18th July after showcase except those doing exams on the 22nd July.
Exam consent forms have been distributed, please make sure you submit payment and return the forms by the deadline otherwise your child’s entry cannot be submitted.
We will have more exams after the summer break so if your child has not been invited this time there will be other opportunities. We are still trying to catch up from the past year and restrictions are still in place for the number of candidates in each session.

Uniform and grooming for class

We pride ourselves on the discipline needed for our classes, so please make sure your child wears the correct uniform for every class and hairstyles must be appropriate.
A bun for ballet lessons is compulsory for all age groups.
Hair tidy &away from the face for other genres.

We have expanded our range of branded uniform and can now offer the following items to order through the school. These added items can be worn to and from the studio and in Jazz and/or street dance classes.

Please see photos and order form here.
• Order forms will also be available to pick up from the entrance hall of studio 1.
• Invoices will be sent when the order is received and once the invoice has been paid the items will be ordered and delivery is approximately 10-14 days.

Second hand uniform sales

See below a message from Esther Lynn who has kindly offered to co-ordinate the second hand uniform sales within the school.

Hi all
Thank you so much to those who have already sent in uniform for the second hand sales. In order for the system to be successful we will need lots of items so please keep it coming!
I am aware that some bits of kit are very expensive when bought new (I’m thinking tap shoes as a good example!) so please feel free to name a reasonable price you would like to receive for such items. If no specific price is requested then it will only be a small amount.

I plan to hold the first sale on Saturday 12 June from 9am, but please feel free to email me with any requests prior to this if your child needs an item before their first session back after half term. Going forward I’m happy for any uniform requests to be sent by email.

Please use the email [email protected] NOT the usual Tozer email.
Thank you!
Esther X


From all the Tozer staff, have a great time during half term with your family and stay well & safe.