Latest News and Update the 26th January

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well.

We’ve had an another great week of creating in the studio and building on technical work for both the show & exams coming up.

Grooming for class

Please make sure your child is well groomed and has the appropriate uniform for their classes in order to maintain standards and the discipline required.

Shout Out’s

This week we would like a shout out to the Grade 1 Ballet class for their enthusiasm and commitment to improving their work.

Mrs Hancock would like a shout out to her Junior Jazz class for their effort and commitment to learning new show choreography.

The Junior and Inter Street dance class for their hard work and energy at the end of a long Saturday!

Well done to all those students!

Changes to the timetable

After half term when the exams are finished, the timetable will alter to accommodate the acceleration of show rehearsals.

The new adapted timetable will be advertised next week.

Some slots will remain the same, but in order to make the show work some classes will be combined.

We have tried to create as little disruption as possible.

Chaperones for the show

We greatly appreciate all those parents who have volunteered to chaperone for the show.

We will hold a meeting soon to advise on all aspects of this commitment & share information etc.

Please note that when you chaperone you will not be placed in the dressing room with your own child or children as this is counter productive for the whole process.

A meeting will be set up soon to discuss everything

We still need more help for the shows to go ahead across the weekend of the 4/5 May so please get in touch if you can help at all.

Termly Fees

Thank you to those who have paid the fees for this term.

If you have not yet paid, please do so as this has an adverse knock on effect for the livelihood of our staff.

We thoroughly appreciate your support with paying of the fees on time – thank you!

Have a good weekend!